Monday, February 29, 2016

Bunga Kertas

29 FEB 2016
Alhamdulillah masih bernafas

Funado Kanko

Everything... on time!! starting to love it

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Key YA

I took picture of this car last year at Vietnam..and today i heard rumors this car will enter Malaysia soon...
let see the price tag later...

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


They are everything for me...
Whos are there?  They are my Family...

rupanya aku adalah sorg yg pelik...aku pun peliklah knapa org ckp aku pelik...

One day....something will happen...and i dont know... till now i cannot catching it...
Thats why im always worried..even in happy mood... hopefully everything ok...

When talk about public transport,
2014/2015 are the most years im used public transport.. from taxi,bus rapid/express/normal, mini van, uber, aiportlimo, train,ktm,lrt,monorail, plane, tow car haha...Thats why i said before, i slept everywhere....all of this the worst is bus express.... dont ever ever ever ever u trust them... from ticket counter to bus driver...but not all of them.. the famous company should be ok such as Pancaran Matahari, Sri Maju, cosmic and what else eh...... for a taxi i rather use my taxi, but at Singapore is bit want to know why i said like that? u can try used always spoke with taxi driver, uber driver, bajet cab even bus evrything, how thier life, how they maintain thier car, how thier business, how many passger today and total evryday...different country different style...different driver different style also...but we cannot compare them...later will talk about this.. oh ya, all different but not 1 thing is same...all of them talk bout this no matter what race are there...this speacial... for me Pi-Med very 'clever' 1 Malaysia talked about same thing hahaha.. all about N...

none of them support Pi-Med lol...

He very 'smart'!!! I which one of director can make a movie flim (base on true story) about this..just show what had happen... from A to Z, from how he start until now,
few killing stories...after one story to another story
how they shuffer the officer..
All the Parliment
other side issue..
confirmed it will be the best in the world..

Monday, February 22, 2016


what the purpose of photo? wait what different between photo n picture?

just for, actualy to kept/store wat we saw..

but end up..all my hdd kaput...and i forgot ady where i put..

Actually as  malay malaysian...i feel im really stupid....why? we forgot something, which is this thing we should learn it since young..maybe at school time.. and for me that is really important..pity me..hopefully still not too late to learn day..insyaAllah.. you can speak Chinese? you can speak Tamil? we should know that... all of them learn malay at school...and malay still learn same things...even same thing are we still can get A? no im the B expert lol..

they should change....think for future.. most of malay are also...when see something new..we start give up..then, it late ady...but i think still not to late..hope got time to catchup...

do i still hv opportunities to serves for my country?  (-_-)

Saturday, February 20, 2016


ok, today im hereeee....
SAPORO sta-diu-mmmm

What the best things about this? google la....there few stadium similar ...i mean have same feature which is at US, Germany and Malaysia haha....yes malaysia also have what ;P nola

I come here with thisss.....special ah

hahaha..actually at home
lol lazy to go out...huhu


Sunday, February 14, 2016


Must be a matter how hard and how many time it happen...take it and solve it..
#positive is the best medicine

Saturday, February 13, 2016



until today if i saw any aircraft or related with uniform mostly Maritim.. I feel so sad haha...

2013-  at this time all people talk about Lahad Datu... fail at second interview which is the interview together with SPA,  the SPA interviewer said your salary high already why still need this job, and I told him. Im here is not because of money.

then after that i just realized, everything are  all about money....

2015- suddenly I got message and email. within 2 week  to attend physical test for maritime. the best thing is I still down that time haha and its been long time already I didn't exercise and eat a lot ...but I don't care what in my mind, I must get this  position...within 2 week I all out exercise,diet and just eat rice a bit... everyday before and  after work jogging and try to get 2.4km within 12min...surprisingly I still fit lol haha... Alhamdulilah

Im excited...because I know I can make it.... I took bus 800km away just for interview...

on the day interview, its so slow if compare to last time more manageable
I think around 50-100 candidate
1st phase - as before check eyes, height, weight, BMI, among all only left 10 candidate together with me.

and I fail because of stupid reason,

Thank you Maritim Malaysia

after that interview  I directly go eat lot, 1 plate only rm20 for rice after one restaurant to other restaurant and sleep like hell.

After wake up, I update again my SPA

now 2016 still not open any interview yet.

maybe too Old already....

Time & Promise

Today im so so so sleepy at office.... and said to my self...I must sleep early today..because tomorrow I need to go somewhere.... 1 am already... ok bahbye...actually aaaa, i just relized the owner of this blog  a lot of promised he didn't make it lol...and my english haha...if my sister see this comfirm he laugh at me haha......bit better..sorry bye

Sunday, February 7, 2016

モフド ムズ

On the first day I arrived, they give me this name,
and I'm confused..
because my friend gave me a different name..
then im just ok maybe this is the right name since his just study this language but not from here..
on the day its self i try use google translate and whatttt......

Mofudo Chelmsford

who this....
so after few days..
we manage to hang out and I asked the guys 
hey, what mean of this ? i showed them my id..モフド ムズ
then I showed them my previous id MOHD
how to pronounce?

Mon-fudooo  Mon-fudooo

hahaha... wa gelak pecah perut that time...haha

now i know, MOHD they pronounce it as Mofudo
and that where my name came from haha...
and Muhammad they pronounce it as Muhammado.. 
ok noted...

Saturday, February 6, 2016


where are u? i hv been looking for u since last few years...

future is the thing that u drive it by your own,  either the route ady been use by others or its still virgin!!!

if u doesnt do any studies, means thay u just blindly drive it...result?
we dont know.. the way to know is by askig the eldest or u try it.. but in your live to try and error is good why? you learn it..but its take time, sometimes gud sometimes gone wrong.. this is life right, you nvr know untill u try it..

Islam, is beautiful.. I am Muslim
and I am Malaysian

no matter what happen, coming through your way take it and keep moving. InsyaAllah future is there.