Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Yesterday I signed an job offer from one company....after 1st interview on disember..and today I got another offer from another company after an interview on oct..but ofcause I go for best offer.... I hope I can work hard..smart and enjoy work there..

Monday, March 11, 2013


I signed a job offer from one of famous company...and I'm now not relate with aviation world anymore..few day left to me to spend my time till April with aviation world..bye2 KLIA...bye2 sepang..

Friday, March 8, 2013


On 19dec2012
77.8 kg 175
Bmi = 25.07

On 2feb2013
76kg. 176
manual Bmi= 23.x

On 2mac2013 73.6kg 176.5cm Pic attach

On 5mac2013
73.5kg 177
Bmi 23.x

On 11mac2013 73.7kg 176.2


I got an job offer after almost 4months waiting.... from 1st interview for this company.. Alhamdulillah..Alhamdulillah.. I almost make it..  btw right now I'm in this program (other company)... and seriously I start love this job... even i just attach in this department for 1 week but I'm started to love this job. ..the environment...people... but  .......