Saturday, February 20, 2010

Private jet

I'm dreaming to have one...if i can't, hope can have my owned light aircraft hohoho
but i think it ...better get supercar rite? hahaha it's all just dreaming

if you can buy the super car, kira tahap dosa dah nieh,tambah plak nak beli aircraft lagi dosa teruk

proton sudah :) nanti ada duit bli shiver hahaha...
layan angan2 kan best =)

Okes, back to our topic,

4. duty fee

Price for one 2nd hand year 1991 aircraft like Cessna Citation VI is around $3Million kehkehkeh...
3,000,000.00 x 3.50 = RM10,500,000.00 Best2.... xterkira nie

i still thinking about how to maintain the aircraft, the system, the lubricant oil, tires.. even the quite expensive ooo how that private company can life with that thing call aircraft (only person who had a lot.... not a lot actually, a million of experience can work with this company) mostly they just skip,for save their money...maybe
and what i knew working with aircraft is quite difficult compare to car, or any ground transportation, aircraft "sgt2 manja". you have to take care for the whole aircraft, from whole body to the small screw, even for debris at the runway also you have to care.

for huge aircraft like what airlines used... 2nd hand year1992 BOEING 747-400 Price Price entered as USD33Million
33,000,000 x 3.50 = RM115,500,000.00

no idea about this price :D how that John Travolta can get and owned huge like this aircraft, i hav no idea also...he owed 707 and i think, he also got 4 others aircraft....

for single engine turbo prop year 2009 Cessna T-206h...price around $569,500.00

erm....for businessman or businesswomen (Millionair), they can have one, imagine one day, you can park this aircraft near your house hohohoo....small house with runway.....perh!! terbaik

John Travolta's Home

JumboAir Aviation estase, hope malaysia will own place like this too ........

p/s ; Yesterday, one light aircraft just hit the IRS building....hahaha (dengar cita pilot lepas geram)

ok for supercar like Lamborghini Gallardo price is around 153,000USD
153,000x3.50 = RM 535,500 ( kalau malaysia tambah duty import ya )

best nieh semua idaman, tapi mampunya x...sapa pakai nieh kira tahap dosa nieh

and finally hahaha....this one maybe 3-4 year, i can get it
price around rm54,000
got two tyres
one engine of cause la kan
one tank (rigid tank la hahaha)
what more huh...
maybe some compute-rise
what else yak....
high risk hahahaha
better get than never...should have this shit... ;wink::wink:

some time will make you smile with teeth inside.... :D hahahha....

thanks google for pic =)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Planning to have your owned aircraft?

if you planning to have your owned aircraft that can park near your house, come and bid your price here:


Thursday, February 18, 2010


it's about life again "_=

what do you think, when you life is complete?
what it's mean?

or your time already at climax?
or it's beginning?

what happen in you life? do you think what you had done before?
it's for you? or just for you?
how about others?
do think about them?

when you can say your life is safe?
when you can say your life is harmony?
when you can say your life perfect?

do you think when your life already what your need is enough already?

what your planning in your life soon?
your planning is just your planning?or you thinking others also?

no life is better? :)

better late than never...

this pic, i google it...hope one day i can get opportunity on that eject seat....ahhaha..then said, "bye2 my fren, i'm flying, see you down there..." hahaha

oh ya..this pic is Sukhoi, if i'm not mistaken they takeoff without their roof(idont know what they call it) and this is russian air force

solute russian...their technology is the best!!... just imagine the antanov

Saturday, February 13, 2010

WTS Streamyx modem NEW (RM110)

Package includes: AZTECH 605EW 2/2+ RT 4 125 (EVERYTHING IN BOX)

Price: RM110

Warranty: 1 Years

Dealing method: COD Wangsa Maju OR Postage

Location of seller: Wangsa Maju

Contact method/details: PM for Contact Details

Age of item: Brought 7 January 2010 (Misunderstand with TM)

Item(s) conditions: Good, Working 100%