Thursday, February 18, 2010


it's about life again "_=

what do you think, when you life is complete?
what it's mean?

or your time already at climax?
or it's beginning?

what happen in you life? do you think what you had done before?
it's for you? or just for you?
how about others?
do think about them?

when you can say your life is safe?
when you can say your life is harmony?
when you can say your life perfect?

do you think when your life already what your need is enough already?

what your planning in your life soon?
your planning is just your planning?or you thinking others also?

no life is better? :)

better late than never...

this pic, i google it...hope one day i can get opportunity on that eject seat....ahhaha..then said, "bye2 my fren, i'm flying, see you down there..." hahaha

oh ya..this pic is Sukhoi, if i'm not mistaken they takeoff without their roof(idont know what they call it) and this is russian air force

solute russian...their technology is the best!!... just imagine the antanov

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