Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sometimes dreaming are awesome :P

I hate pilot, because i wanna be an pilot but i cant :P

Mostly to sit for the license you must fluent in english :P sonyummm....

There are something that always mumbling in my's about, one day i have and PPL license, then bought an old and ugly but really good performance ac...and wanna ride it on weeken. perh!!! can't imagine that if everything come true..haha

wanna be like this?it easy
just sleep a lot then you will have all this

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I'm thinking to create one more blog that related to my studies, but i don't think that I can manage it regularly because I have no much time to update.... actually, the idea to do this, got.. when I got offered to further my study here, but till now noting happen yet..but if make it happen, can update on the weekend only also ok rite?...erm, no idea

lets time decide.. should or not

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Please don't read this...Just wanna released what still play in my mind from this morning. This the only way I can let this go........

What would you do if your hard work for a month, was paid like FH result?
I know the main problem came from me, but why not evaluate everybody's with the same standard? now, my mood to study about this gone already!!! and I already hate this subject because of what had happen today.

Yea, our group got the lowest mark, but why? we do everything as what you told to us, as what you needed, compared to others group? yes, some of them do really great and awesome slide, but from 'stupid student' view like me, they didn't do as you need. some of them didn't compared their A/C.

The best things is, why only our group been judged by two lectures? then the others, only you alone? will wait and see our carry mark, I still hope that you do your job. We all respect you. I don't care I got lowest mark for this presentation, because I know what I had done today, really suck but the way you evaluate us compare to others group, should not happen like that!!

The other reasons why i got lowers mark : My english! see how important English then BM in this world? I have no idea....I'm just the normal 'budak kampung', so out there, please improve you english to get and have better life. No matter you have lot of knowledge or not, the way you tell and lets everyone understand what you trying to tell them are really important.