Thursday, May 31, 2012

Let's Talk About Aircraft Again

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This time still about MAS but with different Aircraft. This is about MAS Boeing 777. What do you know about this aircraft? is it Heliconia? and you still saw this design around?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Welcome Home MAS A380

Today will be huge event for huge aircraft there is first out of 6 ordered MAS A380 after it's delay a few time. This huge aircraft will be used on route KL- London and also later KL-Sydney

This baby will arrived at KLIA Malaysia around 3PM today, even MALAYSIA AIRLINES got critical financials, managements  problem we hope they will keep standing and improve it from time to time.

We are Malaysian will support you even your price is higher than AA, I also can't afford to fly with you :) thanks to AA because everyone can fly.

This is true story, if AA didn't intro low cost carrier,cheap fare. I don't think all people can have an experience to fly, mostly people like me 'kampung guy'.

We have to accept that MAS we pay for service,comfortable and for something like VIP but then that actually wasted. All this is just for bussines person and rich people. If for people like me, we dont need all of this, what we need is cheap fare and we can fly.

But MAS still make us Proud :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012


I will going for OJT related with my fields on this industries, but if got offer somewhere will think again about the future.


Picture taken From

This is Latest picture of Malaysia Airlines A380, this picture was upload on 19May2012 by Photographer T.Laurent and was taken at Toulouse.

Btw, I'm dilemma now..I'm stuck and don't know where to go. Next semester is my OJT and after that i'm finish my study here. I still don't know where i can go for OJT, what in my mind is, i want to do the best for OJT and get the job as fast as I can. As our lecturer said they are trying to apply sponsor for our Master. This is one of the best opportunities that I cannot miss it. I hope Mara can Approve it. Let's say, mara approve it :) I'm very proud and all this is for my parents. They work hard to for their son's, take a lot of care for all their son, no matter what happen they will support. Thanks you Mak and Ayah, I dont know how i can pay back what you have don't to me, to us. I will do my best!

When talking about FYP, I just come back from my Collage 3am and asked permission from guard to open the gate. Lol, Presentation and draft report already finish. At this time, everyone busy watching football match, sleeping while me and one of my friend, struggle for next step. There are few mission that we must complete it. No matter what happen, we have to finish it. Every time when we try finish it, there are lot of things that we need to upgrade/improve it. The more we do, the more problem we met and that's all actually  for improvement. Our project is involve with few lecturers and this project actually was planed to involve in one of the event, but I don't know why our lecturer don't want to join that event, after 50% the project progress. We have noting to say, we just want it to be the best.

Friday, May 18, 2012

There are Noting

I just wanted to say that I'm almost finish my study :) hope everything will OK and flying colour result.. there are lot of think in my mind. I have to planning my life now, this is the beginning of new life after I'm finish here.

Since I'm study here, the are lots of things happen to me, to my family and I really miss my past. I miss everyone I'm lost. They always give me support to become better person, to see the world. I have to sleep...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Peugeot 408s

Pic from Paultan

I saw this car during my way back to KL from Kedah but they cover the badge
so this car come with 1.6 turbo and 2.0.
Erm....not bad at all if someone wanted to have car other than proton badge, Korean or japan made...
but before buy it, you must think long you will use this car?do you have a money for the maintenance?


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Somebody That I Used to Know

Somebody That I Used to Know - Walk off the Earth (Gotye - Cover)

The clips that you must watch =)

Proton Prevé

From the first look, I'm in love with this car but then after awhile its look like whats wrong with their butt? then open the door, oh man ...i get shock at welding? LCD entertainment player like cheap china made, panel at gear and some more hehe btw, most of the car manufacture in the world have problem in designing rear car. not all manufacture can design all car perfectly as we know, no body perfect :). After from time to time, the will improve it.

For me, this latest model from proton is the best car and perfect car. Almost all the technology is there. I'm very sure that proton will improve their car from time to time to make it better.

There are few problem that i met with proton but never mind I hope that not be the last, they can improve it later.


My dream is, to made my old saga as project car :) actually i'm planning to replace the engine with other manufacture brand that come up with padel shifter and of course turbo engine, but then after the Inspira proton came out with pedal shifter. My mind said, this is good and my dream will come true but right now budget is still my problem...lolz dream freeze again haha.

Right now I'm in making one project :) not big but awesome project :) hope the result also will awesome
pray for that

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Google is the best friends for most people around the world, agreed?
what the best thing about google? it's can answered anything you asked. 
even you are Phd holder, Masters, this word 'Google' will in your mind all the time.

how about yahoo? i'm still using this email :) not bad at all... before this, yahoo is the famous word but till now, some of them still using it as problem resolver :P 

yea if you got problem, please don't be shy to call them for help.
Lol, insomnia back again....mmmmmm