Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Welcome Home MAS A380

Today will be huge event for huge aircraft there is first out of 6 ordered MAS A380 after it's delay a few time. This huge aircraft will be used on route KL- London and also later KL-Sydney

This baby will arrived at KLIA Malaysia around 3PM today, even MALAYSIA AIRLINES got critical financials, managements  problem we hope they will keep standing and improve it from time to time.

We are Malaysian will support you even your price is higher than AA, I also can't afford to fly with you :) thanks to AA because everyone can fly.

This is true story, if AA didn't intro low cost carrier,cheap fare. I don't think all people can have an experience to fly, mostly people like me 'kampung guy'.

We have to accept that MAS we pay for service,comfortable and for something like VIP but then that actually wasted. All this is just for bussines person and rich people. If for people like me, we dont need all of this, what we need is cheap fare and we can fly.

But MAS still make us Proud :)

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