Sunday, April 17, 2016


I left Pillow neck  on aircraft last few days, which is its belong to my wife.
Yesterday I received call from ANA said they found it and will send it to hotel.
Today I received it. Thank you All Nippon Airways even its just a pillow neck.

I heard about this before during my training with MAHB on 2013 and its happen to me today. What a good experience. On the day I left this thing, 90% my mind said i will get it soon. My mind said this because Im at This Country. Another 20% said, if those who clean the aircraft  are  CHINAMAN from CHINA, I have to buy new one.

On the day its self, one couple from CHINA, I ask help to call the officer just behind him and he refuse. WTF....i should take photo of this StU couple. Lucky after 5 minute officer saw me and she come and help me. They are very kind and polite. Now i know why most people don't like chinaman from mainland lol hahaha... ok CHINA i will go and see you soon.