Sunday, May 6, 2012

Proton Prevé

From the first look, I'm in love with this car but then after awhile its look like whats wrong with their butt? then open the door, oh man ...i get shock at welding? LCD entertainment player like cheap china made, panel at gear and some more hehe btw, most of the car manufacture in the world have problem in designing rear car. not all manufacture can design all car perfectly as we know, no body perfect :). After from time to time, the will improve it.

For me, this latest model from proton is the best car and perfect car. Almost all the technology is there. I'm very sure that proton will improve their car from time to time to make it better.

There are few problem that i met with proton but never mind I hope that not be the last, they can improve it later.


My dream is, to made my old saga as project car :) actually i'm planning to replace the engine with other manufacture brand that come up with padel shifter and of course turbo engine, but then after the Inspira proton came out with pedal shifter. My mind said, this is good and my dream will come true but right now budget is still my problem...lolz dream freeze again haha.

Right now I'm in making one project :) not big but awesome project :) hope the result also will awesome
pray for that

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