Monday, February 22, 2016


what the purpose of photo? wait what different between photo n picture?

just for, actualy to kept/store wat we saw..

but end up..all my hdd kaput...and i forgot ady where i put..

Actually as  malay malaysian...i feel im really stupid....why? we forgot something, which is this thing we should learn it since young..maybe at school time.. and for me that is really important..pity me..hopefully still not too late to learn day..insyaAllah.. you can speak Chinese? you can speak Tamil? we should know that... all of them learn malay at school...and malay still learn same things...even same thing are we still can get A? no im the B expert lol..

they should change....think for future.. most of malay are also...when see something new..we start give up..then, it late ady...but i think still not to late..hope got time to catchup...

do i still hv opportunities to serves for my country?  (-_-)

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