Sunday, February 7, 2016

モフド ムズ

On the first day I arrived, they give me this name,
and I'm confused..
because my friend gave me a different name..
then im just ok maybe this is the right name since his just study this language but not from here..
on the day its self i try use google translate and whatttt......

Mofudo Chelmsford

who this....
so after few days..
we manage to hang out and I asked the guys 
hey, what mean of this ? i showed them my id..モフド ムズ
then I showed them my previous id MOHD
how to pronounce?

Mon-fudooo  Mon-fudooo

hahaha... wa gelak pecah perut that time...haha

now i know, MOHD they pronounce it as Mofudo
and that where my name came from haha...
and Muhammad they pronounce it as Muhammado.. 
ok noted...

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