Thursday, November 22, 2012


I'm looking for A job!!!!!!!!!

Last week i'm going to an interview, just a small company but with mega project. actually i'm love to this working environment, the way they do their job and the best things is the company looking for person that expert on solid works. The awesome things is I'm never used this software at all. hahaha....I only know how to used this software when this company call me and asking me either I know about this software or not. Then of cause I know the name only but straight the point I said, I don't know how to used it, I never used it and straight after phone called. I google about this software and download it. it's take me 2 days to finish it 13.5GB.  So the only day I have to study is 1 day and i'm using mac, I have to install Window on this lappy first. actually i also try to find solid works for mac but not available yet. 1st, I have to recall back how to install it, actually i already done it on my previous lappy few years ago and that lappy already kaput now. Now i have to learn again how to install this window on mac. either bootcamp and also parallel so I choose both. The problem I met is I don't have Window 7 installer. to wait for my friend from JB is impossible. so i decide to download it.

After a few hours.  I got problem to burn as bootable DVD, actually is been a long time i didn't burn boot disc, After a few DVD fail. finally i manage to burn it into boot DVD. Actually on each DVD i had burn i had few time restart and also do parallel to test that DVD working or not. Then, after i manage to burn it, I choose to install using bootcamp so that my graphic card and RAM will lot struggle   working in 2 OS at same time.

So after installation complete. I'm using window 7 X64 for first time. so all the software must used X64. lucky me i'm download both version for this solid works. Then, I install this software and learn how to use it. Mr google again help me to learn this software. they are lot of people out there share with us video tutorial. Thanks to them. Mr youtube i have to download java for this google Crome. Actually I also just download this Crome :P. This is important of internet connection at your home.

I just upgrade it from P1 ( dont you ever used it) to TM. Alhamdullilah i's been long time i'm using TM start with dial-up to Streamyx at my hometown and Now here i'm using Unifi even it's 5MB only but its enough already. At my home town i also manage to install this Unifi but seen this service still not cover at that area so i upgrade the internet into 4MB that is the maximum speed there.

Enough for commercial Advertising, then the time left i'm study about solidworks and seriously it's quite fun. Then its gain my spirit to try my opportunities for this interview. I can learn more about this software later. There a lot of futures for this software and it's awesome.  Now I'm very excited to do more design using this software. hope i can be an expert =). Actually i'm in love with GS. In sha Allah after 10-15years later....

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