Tuesday, December 4, 2012


it's very hard to find a job now a days...... pity being Malaysian. not my luck...actually looking for a job is someting like you betting. You promote all the advantages about you then wait for a call. Once you are not been chosen... then game over you have to try agains. I'm not Choosing but none of company want to accept me to employ me.......what should i do, till i'm die will eat my parent money? what the H!!!! i'm not 15 i'm NOT 20 years old but i'm almost at the end of my life, why i still have to used my parent money? I know, that not only me are like this, the are most of MALAYSIAN are like this. there are no point you waste your time to study till got degree master or pHD, and at the end you just a rubbish. What point if SPM also can become an Engineer? Need an experience ? how to get an experience if none of company want HIRED you!!

i'm not good in PR but i can do anyJOB you give it to me. Even you want me to jump at 88 stories building also i will. but 1st you have to teach me how to jump, teach me about safety. then i JUMP!!

how to end up my life? working as a driver? guard? that is my last choice....i regret waste all my life with study!!!!!!!!!!!!! what do you feel? you don't have any opportunities and then.. end up you robing, killing people?

do i have to further my study? and call my dad all the time ask for money? his now already retired and his friends can go any where, buy anything. but him? just have to pay his son food, his son study fees... what reward he got? arm.....sometimes i feel so sad. i'm lucky got parent like this, but how about others? what they do now? now you know why people in election are fighting each others... THEY ARE SELFISH ACTUALLY!! THEY FIGHT FOR THIER OWN!!! MONEY, CORRUPTION, BUSINESS, LUXURY CAR, BUNGALOW, TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD, AND MONEY FOR CRONIES AND LOTS MORE. THEN WHAT THIER SUPPORTEST LIKE US GOT? BEING STUPID.

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