Monday, November 12, 2012


What different between airport and bus station? for me there not much different..
is all about money right?

Flight delay is abnormal ( but Airasia Delay almost normal)
if bus delay is normal! yes normal! maybe because it's not in the air and traffic jam (because of all malaysian people got brain)

i'm travel a lot around Malaysia and at the same time i'm study a lot about people. doesn't mean i'm perfect but sometime you also cannot brain what you saw. either driving or using public transport.

Nowadays i'm quite often using public transport bus, ferry, also train and rarely flight. between all of this, flight is the best and also train even sometime its regret us. You pay what you got right. It's seem like high class people using this 2 transport. While back to another public transport bus and ferry it's seriously very different from the station its self to the buses ALL LIKE RUBISH!!!!

Almost all station bus are not proper manage. if you don't trust me you try to experience it. don't say about toilet all almost the same. Last 2days i travel from KUL to PEN using bus, because of yesterday is 1st day holiday so, i already expected that i will travel by using additional bus. for me is ok. but TIME!! ticket show bus at 2300 and it only go at 0030. i don't know why this should happen. i'm frequent using this transport and they never improve this. how to motivate malaysian people if you always do this? JANJI MELAYU we will heard this even at year 2050. In transportation we cannot use better late than never we must follow the time.

We already know that malaysia highway speed during festival holiday is 10-50km/h all the way. But this public transport almost all the time not follow the time even on normal daily days. You as a driver or bus operator you should study about this, 10-30 delays still can be accepted incase of emergency (passenger want to pee or another cases). Then made or manage with proper way. they should see how airline operator, airport manage the system. sometime you bought this seat then on that day travel you have to change to another seat. also at the middle of no where you have to change to another bus!! this the the bus system in MALAYSIA?? Back to the bus, i was lucky when that bus quite ok. because i'm expected school bus . even this bus low power,  have to change to 1st or 2nd gear during climbing but its ok for me. Don't have to comment lot of this bus of cause can't compare with VIP bus.

Arrive PEN. 1st Impression where am i???? PLEASE what all the DATUK-DATUK do? all bz with their.. oh, no... with people dream car? dream house? travel around the world? used money to make money? No wonder all malaysian not improved and at the same level, yes not all but almost all and almost of them need but nobody wanted to help to heard what they want.  and i'm very confuse here is airport and bus station. The tar, the conkrit, the pavement i don't which one i should call but there is something wrong some where. Almost all station bus here got very bad pavement even the station only 2-3years. if we compare to the airport they take this as serious issue while at bus station you have to see it by your self. The weight of the bus is around 16k-25k (kg) maybe more maybe less, while normal A320 40k-80k (kg) more or less.  why the pavement at airport/runway much better than bus station? if you think about filching think, all must be better? oh man....berjiwa rakyat. your people support you put you at your place to high level then, what you give to them? your people stuck at the traffic while you with the ascort police pass by us just few sec without you worried about us stuck in this traffic for an hours?? i'm not involve in election yet, since i know almost all people no matter government or normal people all corrupt!!! all the people no matter with parties them all have their on agenda, . then why you have to support us? you do your job, we do our job!! the job is easy we support you. you support us!! you take the money, we take the life.

(if around KL like KL central, TBS or PUDU maybe this bus station already been improve but if our malaysian did not follow the rule and regulation, and in charge person not manage well this will no last long)

after few days at PEN, i manage to travel to kedah. while i arrived at jetty terminal Penang side, oh mann...there are lot of foreigner can saw only few malaysia. Thats god but ferry service is quite disappointed me. they should alert during peak hour they should provide extra ferry. I have to wait an hours standing just for 10-15min ride, while arrived on the other side butterworth, I have to take a bust to AOR as the counter about the bus. Konsortium  the person in charge said bus to alor setar at 1730 then another counter Transnasional they used another name city liner at counter but bus transnational. ...sorry i have to say i***n in charge he said the bus to alor setar at 1700. then if you at this situation what you will do? at that time around 1645. of cause you will go for ticket 1700 right? so do I....then around 1700 Konsotium bus arrived. My mental play and talk to my self...please Allah help me on this situation, why people like this still alive. At that moment i'm think to my self either want to buy a new ticket or just be patient and wait or how about try to used train. I said to my self again, why I should waste my RM10 to that old monkey? he doesn't loss anything but will get more income. then i manage to stay...30min later another bus come in. oh man... am I stupid? that another konsortium bus. why I bought this ticket, I kept blame to my self. At that moment I told to my self don't worry you have to enjoy this, then I found some port to sit yea a..lets looked at people and place around you. eerm...that what I mumbling above. I saw one blind family, her mother and her dad try to catchup with her with hand on each shoulder and said "hey, slowly..don't rush". I don't know how to help them. same goes to one old lady at penang jetty, she try to climb to the jetty alone and anyone just ignore her, ALSO ME!!!!!! Im bz with my blank screen phone!!!i don't know how to help her and i don't help her. what stupid I am!! and now i feel regret. i think this the reason on that day I meet all this things.

1810 Transnational bus Arrive. then people busy and start to push each other. This is not years 2012 this 1980s lol...

then, I manage to go in Alhamdullilah....then...ya Allah, what happen to this bus!! some of the seat is broken and some of seat part already missing. loll.....this is Malaysia?Transnasional? I manage to get seat at last row which is of 5 people on that row. while only 4 seat ok, another one seat broken and no space for their leg since the front seat already been modified. After that one person come wanted to sit there, then i said you can seat but there are nor space for your leg, then he managed to wait another bus.   After that the driver said there are another 1 more seat there (near my seat), another person come in and this time Myanmar (1st taught bangladesh). I told him are you ok with this seat, then he said ok. I told to my self i'm not surprise...they can live at any condition, no wonder they are here to work anything. then after 20min, i feel pity to him...I asked to my self again if i'm at his situation how? ( I already experience more worse than this at vietnam few years ago). I talk to him, asked him are you ok? then he said ok, I know he actually struggle to keep comfort. then I asked him to put his leg free at one space there...he just do it. The smell don't have to said, the other pas anger beside me put their hand to the nose. Then after few min I start talk to him, where he from, how old him, what he doing here, where he go...and his name Muhammad Araf, he just said to me I not even asked his name.

one of my friends had told me his experience stay with them bangladesh for one or two days and they cooked lots of food to my friend. sleepy

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