Thursday, October 27, 2011


Everyone have their own dream, so do i

The only dream that I need is to be happy, happy together with all the people around me.
All this dream no need cost like other dream, no need money, but we can get the profit from that. Relationship, friends this is the most expensive in the world, you cannot buy it, you cannot sell it but it's came from happiness.

What the meaning by friends?best friends? you wanna know who your friend?your truly best friends? Half of you is the best sentence to describe best friends, you can't get me right?

What you already know, your best friends must always behind you, helping you right? but for me that not really work. you wanna know how?

Your father, your mother they are your truly friends, i don't know about other parent out there, but for me, my parent are also my truly friends, why i said like that?

Because, let say you going somewhere, doing something that so dangerous, who take care of you? who most worried about you?who will help you?

There are lot of best friends out there, lot of them just need a title only but the truly best friends is hard to find. Mostly the place like what I'm here, doesn't mean i didn't trust them, but they also have their own agenda.

i have no idea what i said..bye

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