Saturday, December 17, 2011


I don't know why, right now i feels regret cause didn't study hard during my school. Being the doctor in town is normal but if being the doctor that place far from town, deep in the jungle is only for truly doctor can be. Same also to the nurse that you should not to forget.

If i can turn the time to past, I must study hard and be an doctor to fight with life. Are you sure i will do like what i'm saying, if i can go back? i don't thing so :) because i'm the lazy person.

But right now i'm the machine doctor to be i do fight with thing and my special do fight with life. she not an doctor, but for me she most like a doctor :).

During i'm a kids, i don't know much about life and dead. Maybe that why i don't know how to treat with life and dead till know. To understand things, internal things is easy because that we can control life but to know and understanding human body, internal human body is very hard and to control it you must know and expert.

For me, if talking about life and dead, is something like between line, once you do a mistake when you cross a line, then you call disaster.

When talk about that, my course also talk about life. yes, i still fresh in this working life, but my mind still have to thing about crossing line. Once i go there, i doing something, i must, no....i should! do the best and make sure everything show be perfect! yes, PERFECT!!

If you said, there are nobody perfect in this word. I will said... yes! But for the job, if you doing something, you must make sure it's perfect!! and if not you will kill lots of people..

There are few month left before i say bye-bye to this school and hello working life. for sure i will miss lot this enjoyable and relaxable life ;)

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