Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Classmate a.k.a Housemate Wedding

19 Jun 2010
Location: Titi Gajah, Kepala Batas, Jitra, Kedah D.A.

After back from hiking at mount Korbu, I straight going back to Kedah and arrived at kedah Around 12 something. With not enough rest, i have to wake up early in the morning on that day, because I already promise with him to snap their picture during akad. Alhamdullilah, arrived on time and let see some picture from my view, actually i really don't know how to snap wedding, that why i'm not doing this kind of photography as my hobby.

Actually, i just had time to see that pictures, after i came back from Malaysia, seriously my day very packed with lot of activities and no time to resting my mind. I just going back home town only for 2 days, that not enough, really miss them a lot. My planning is going back to Kedah on weeken but still cant.

I don't have any idea how to get good wedding pictures
just click and click

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