Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Still student

Life as Student is quite fun =) who's said it was boring?
I still have 2 and half year for being student, at this time i need to fulfill everything what coming trough my mine.

Today is my second class for this semester, still thinking wanna add what subject for this semester. hohooho....
This semester i wanna buy kayak hahaha... seriously it was a stupid idea. Secondhand kayak will cos you 3K, life as student is easy but if it about money, it will become hard. hahaha..where i can get 3k huh...hahaha....

life as student, is to clear the money that you had, so if you like this, you are stupid like me ahaha.. you can do a lot of activities because your life is just for study then activities, but you don't have time and enough money to hang out with friends at any shopping complex. life is easy but why you make it hard? because sometime you have to get some fun with extreme activity and to have good health.

cant wait for this stupid idea....kayak....

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