Friday, September 26, 2008


Raya Card ME is one of card raya created by mzdakbaik to all my friends....ME is stand for malas edition, doesnt mean xikhlas to create or xikhlas send to my friends but this raya card... created with no idea what i need to do, lost of it become simple raya card (littlebit xcantik kot) but special from me..hope all my friends can accept this raya card from me like other friends give it to you all..

raya just around da corner so this raya card created to reply all card raya from my friend, thanks to all my friends who send me raya card...

p/s- My english is tungang tebalik so arap maaf dipinta salah dan silap boleh pebetulakan hehe....tenqiuk... tegur menegur diterima sebagai memperbaiki kesilapan..:D

Kredit to ADIB, Tirah n Danieal making firework :D

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