Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sold lol

A person who wake up when sun at middle of the sky can consider as lazy person because you waste your time.

Who wake up early morning means hardworking.

Here is different, subuh prayer around 0300 +-,means sunrise around that time. Most of them still dreaming because their working time at 0830 and that time sun almost at middle of the sky.
Train start operation around 0500+- but, why their working time is 0830? why not at 0400 or 0500? after few days thinking about this.

1st - Is it because they follow working time at other place? but still not same as west country.
2nd - i dont know maybe can asked mr G.

when talk about sport, they better than us?
most likely, they better in everything but not all.

ok, last week after work...manage to join their team training...
play famous sport here softball aka baseball. Before I enter Technic School, I played this game for 3 years and today after 15 years didn't play i manage to joint them as foreigner haha.
refreshment, and miss that moment Sekolah Menegah Kebangsaan Megat Dewa. still remember White boot and i forgot the brand haha...position as SS (syok sendiri), actually i forgot what SS means lol. 
Here, we play at night with stadium lighting lol...
new experience, yes i'm kampung boy from KODIANG.  ok alioss....

I read from one workshop FB, their post regarding changing new tyre.
people out there including me replace new tyre at front is actually wrong and regarding `botak` tyre to rear? im like WTH, 
if Botak means u cannot reuse it ady, change it all. Regarding replace new tyre at rear instead of front, my logic thinking said, this is stupid... im not driving FORKLIFT.
and 100% sure I can say, one of the super duper stupid reason if you follow that method, after few weeks or month you need to change again the tyre and then rear tyre that still new put infront. So what mean here? use your brain to think.
why? because front tyre is important, where the force, weight is there. you use the front tyre to control means grip is really important from there not behind like that person said. You still can control front tyre if there is no grip at all?
why people change front tyre to rear? save cost. if they have money means they will change all new tyre. but remember,even new tyre must see the date of manufacture and also brand which is reallyimportant.

last year or 2years, one of car incident in front of me, because of tyre. im not really sure because of tyre pressure or what but its happen after 2 weeks changing new tyre and i even dont know what brand it is.
he change all 4 tyre because of changing rim. on that day, his car up side down. 

if bike yes, change rear tyre instead front lol....

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