Sunday, May 15, 2016


Do you think you always slower than others?
which is dont hv time at all... because have alot of thing need to do, need to think...end up you didnt do anythings at all....
i got this problem...waste time, i want to sleep sleep n slepp all the time...and i read from somewhere, "the more you sleep the more sleepy you are.." and its like me, even 12h 20h sleep...still sleepy, that y we need to do excersice. im lazy guy..

ok last few days i joined company dinner its sort like welcome dinner for few new comer  as ussual a little food and alot of alcohol drink beer/sake and so on...after finish one place go to 2nd place until they drug.
so... this is their culture, smoking and drink are normal for them even ladies...since im not a smoker im the less person talk/chichat with them.

back to yr2007, during my onjobtraining at one plant near Gurun,kedah. One of my friend from utp, first time meet him and after he know im not smoker, he said to me like this
"i will make sure you will smoke before you finish your Ojt" and everyday ask me to try,motivated me like no need to be heavy smoker, take it as social smoker only reason smoke just to talk with all boss, and get connection. For me his right and until today i admit what he said, but i cannot take it and proud i dont smoke at all. he very good guy, always help and teach me. Now he at mekah and stay there. hope i can meet you agian and take about this hahaha....

still thinking what i want to do after i retired it to early? i think no....its latee

but i still got lots of things need to settle first...hope can make it fast and make a dream come true....

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