Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Good for Good, bad is what?

I`m curious, is it what we thinking now a days are same like what our 'old' people think at our age?

I mean at each age, us as people will think at something and that mean each year each people will think at same think (different 1 to 3 yrs maybe). So, it will keep repeating each year. Am i right or not i'm not sure, but i think yes.

They all success because they can see future, can see few years in front of us.

Who still afraid to try or have no idea what do or how to start will keep you at the same level. Same like me.

Now I’m understood, must learn from elders.

Lesson learn don’t doing same thing as what old people did, learn from them and respect.

I just know today about this place, actually this place is quite famous last time, where there manufacture the fighter aircraft and been demolish after they surrender during war. No More aircraft manufacture after that. All this Aircraft engineer then manufacture car, where The first electric car been build, and because of the limitation of battery technology/source (if im not mistaken) this car not so famous, but with the same company also where the prince and Skyline been build. there are lot of generation of the skyline. Actually skyline been introduce after they merge with Nissan even technology come before the merge. Now there can proud with Skyline GTR35, one if the best ever car been build so far which is can stand same level with other exotic car.

Thank you Nissan Japan for the tour.

No matter how good other car is, i still love my old saga lol...but i still dont have appotunies to have a tour at PROTON  FACTORY yet huhu, pity you buddy.

And if Proton ask me what you want to do with your old saga? there are a lot in my mind...

For those who wanna know how to become human being, welcome to this place.

but make sure at the right place. not all place are same, but most of it.

also good for those who plan to start business learn here and practice at your place.

bahbye tomolow wok loooo

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