Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I also don't want to miss talking about this date like others =). The best think about this December is I was down all the time... I have no idea how to built it back, there are lots of think in my mine, and lots of think I have to do. The best things about today is my bike....I'm lol on this... Roadtax already expired a month ago lol...I just noticed it today. if i'm not mistaken a met 3 to 4 times roadblock before this, lucky me they didn't check or stop me, maybe i'm wearing and follow all safety procedure and the result is I cant go anywhere with it. Driving in KL is nightmare you have to go out 2 or 3 hours early than before.

that all about today lol :P

actually do you know what? i miss my home town, and something that i'm trying to lets it's floating is thinking about how to married if till now i still don't have a job!! do i have to work as driver? do i have to go somewhere find a job? am i lucky to get hired? lots of things i have to think right now. not only about married, but about my parent dreams, of cause they wanted to see some of there son get best job, what their hope is one day this son will take care of them. mmmmm.......

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