Sunday, March 4, 2012


I think there are a lot of 'why' in our life because we are here to learn till the end of life. as i said before, this is my last semester before i'm going for OJT next semester after OJT i have to get a job, it's MUST!!

btw, some of our lecturer offer us to continue master (in my mind do i still have to continue my study?oh man....) i don't know. then, i can get a job or not? how much salary?is it enough? later you will have wife, son. ermm...... seriously it's hard to made decision if the decision regarding your future.

nvm, just ignore about this for awhile. you still have something to be done for this semester. FYP
when talking about Malaysia, so slow!! i don't know about others country. I think, all are the same.

ok, i have some picture to share, taken form

what you can say about this picture? =)


how about this? what you see?

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