Thursday, February 23, 2012

Confuse plus Busy

There the reason why the person not successful. People cannot find the key of life, the key that can bring them to better life without to worried about loose or lost. To find the key, that person need to find the way, that difficult but once you know you always will be at higher place.

To make a decision is easy, but to have a better and right decision is hard and also it's gold. Today, l'm in my 7semester, this i my last theory class in this university and I still can't breath well with it there are few floor with only one rope, that need me to climb to each floor. Lot of things need to be done before leave here, what the most i'm worried is about 'JOB'.

When talking about job, what you want to be?
an Engineer? an Mechanic? lecturer? i dont know

What side you will choose? Airline?industries? automotive?

What your expected salary? 1K?2K?4K?10K?

Where you want to go? go to other place?stay in Malaysia?

but how about ojt? your fyp?

oh man...i can't think now....

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