Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1 day

There are 24hours inside 1day, and inside 1hours we have 60minutes or 360 second, everyone know about this right? but, between this 4, second, minutes, hours, day, what you guys doing something that may improve your life? then we go for a weeks, months, years, is it your life got improvement? you upgrade something? downgrade something?

every food, got their expired date, not only food, machine, engines, everything's got expired date. how about you? do you have?

when we talk about expired date, mean it's related with life right? how bout life without date? is it possible? don't have date mean do have time, so do you have time with your family?friends?wife?gf?bf? =) i dont, because of why? i'm always wasting my time alone, my life with noting that can improve me, decision is important for human to improve and continue life, but to much decision will make you no time to make it, no time to prove it. back to our 4section above, every section we used it, we on it but with one is faster? 1day? or 1 second? see you clock and concentrate the second. what you feel?

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