Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mont'Kiara International School

Only one word i can say, it's awesome!!!
This is my first time going to international school, it's like new culture in side there, the school very different with normal government school in Malaysia. Inside there, are lot of facilities and i was shock yesterday. Actually am going to this school, Mont'Kiara International School cause my friends asked me to join him, he going to teach basic climbing to their teachers. thanks to my friends for asking me to join him.

i came form place that mostly surrounding with fields, estate and when going to this school it was like....wowww, for those Malaysian student who study they should be proud because you guys are the best [means that too rich], and we all can't go there :) seriously i love it!!!

if am study there, my English for sure you also don't get me :P

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