Thursday, August 4, 2011

life= time

life is related with time, is'n it?
and time related with life? hehe :P forget it....

What i wanna say here are noting, every time i'm thinking about life, mostly about my self. The serious problem here, I don't understand about my self. do you guys know about your self?

from my stupid thinking, world have to be tuned back, how? I also don't know... why i said like that, all the peoples in this world got problem, also me.... and, this problem become worse and more worse from time to time.

From my little studies about people, 'mind' of person can changed every second depend on the situation. if i'm wrong, please correct me.

If we taking about road users, they are lot of stories =) and everyone have their own... the most popular is about driving slow in fast lean, turn without giving signal, and lot of. This problem came from what? is all about human behavior, human thinking, this is how they have been train from child till now. Most of people didn't care about others, and this become serious problem. All road users mostly have to take care for everybody, not for your self only. Don't only think that other people have to take care for you, you also have to take care for your self.


it's about my study life, almost 3years i'm here still got 1 and half year more to go, =) time running so fast, some time i need it to run fast, but sometime i need it to let it slowly counting the second, but the real is time know how to do there job, time never cheat us, but people yes =) be careful. OK about my study, nope about my future life, I still didn't see anything, my age from year to year slowly top-up the number, and i'm afraid that, I can't make it happen, I cant do anything that i'm dream about. is it will happen or not? mmmm.. every time my mine think about this, it will stop at part to do the calculation about life, do you guys also calculate your life? future life? if yes, is't worked? we stop here about this...

continue with study, looked like after finish this studies, i still have to study again about something, and of cause it's will waste your time, if you are woman, is ok, but for guys like me, what you can do? you don't have noting yet, how do you prepare for your future life? only for this study? and don't have any income? sometimes,mmmm actually my mine always think :P never stop...haha, sometimes i'm thinking, if after spm you working, or at same time you run the business then, do you need any degree, master, phd or something? right now who's people respect? rich people, no matter how smart you are, how brilliant are you but if you don't used the opportunity you still the worse :) this for some one who need respect, how about kind and honest people? do they can get respect from others? you answer it by yourself....

thanks for reading stupid stories like this :P
i still in process to improve my English...tq

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