Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Knowledge add-on S =)

Every time we have to update and gain our knowledges, and every second new knowledges had been created. From information to the skill and to experiences, who's lack of reading and less watching news, or not access the internet will lose at the back. So keep updated!!!

Chatting also can gain your knowledge, such as talking about news technology or maybe something that you still don't know what this all about. Learning proses also is one of proses that to gain your knowledge, erm...but sometime i also cannot understand what lecturer had tech in front, maybe because of I can't focus in class or maybe lecturer too fast, of cause la sy jenis yg slow...... :)

Mmm.... still thinking, how much our brain can save our knowledges? mine, about what i'm study after final, everything gone already...that why i cant be a teacher hahaha....(kenangan lama aku penah g interview cikgu beb...hahaha, and every question that interviewer's asked me, i directly answered and very confident, because my mum already give me a tips) ok, back to our busines hehehe.. knowledge not only latest knowledge we have to know, we also must know about history. Like what i'm studies now, i have to know everything from A to Z and do you think everybody can know everything from A to Z?

For me, I think nobody can know everything but they maybe know about something everything or they maybe know everything but not everything....{paham ke? =) guna formula okeh =) }

p/s: talk about fomula...hahaha my classmate, few day ago..i asked him about one word, cause i dont understand what lecturer said... then, do you know what? he explain to me in formula about word that i gave....hahaha, seriously genius....then you know what i said, ooh....ok, aku dah salah tanya org... aku lagi xpaham...hahaha.... see, if me la kan, nak ingat sesuatu maksud pun susah...short form jadi lah, tu pun xingat...tambahlah fomula, ermmm... all my classmate have their own style, their on advantage... and the true is everyone have their own advantage's and disadvantage's. so how about yours? =)

About knowledge, everyone love to learn new knowledge rite? and old knowledge also new knowledge rite?

Talk about knowledge ermmm.... because of i have a lot of hobby's, i have to update a no wonder if you talk about what are not in my hobby's list, it seem like you talk alone hahaha.... wait...wait... btw, that mean i had new knowledge.. so i will google it what really i dont know...that my style lah...

What i dont know i have to know, i must know what it about..but time, ermmm if you want to now everything i dont think, that we have enough time to know, learn and understand what it's about...

But sometimes if you worked with something and you do it everyday, you will become expert on that if you learn a lot about thing and you dont work with are not expert but you have knowledge...erm, different person have different what huh... nabil kata lu pikirlah sendiri =)

Panjangnya aku merapu, salah english tu nak tegur, tegurlah yer...=) belajar apa yg salah....
i have to improve my english because of planning always needed me to know better english
nanti i will talk about planning lak =)

waaaaaaa, tiba-tiba terlihat one of our friends picture, huhuhu dia baru abis belajar because of student oversea can get one AP so dia bawak balik sejibik kereta ,harga dia lau kat masia dalam 300K-400K gak la ann... jelous an....itulah kecik2 xmau belaja rajin2 hehehe...taniah kepada yang pandai2 =)

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