Thursday, July 22, 2010

Do Don't (english is not bad but, you!!)

Do you believe if you love someone, they also love you?
do you really understand, people around you?
do you trust them?
do you know they do something bad?
do you trust your self?
do you want to ignored what had and will happen?
do you know that, different people have different understanding?
do you know that they just pretend that they know that thing?
do you know they also idiot like you? sometimes more than you?
do you know that?
do you know how many of people around you is really right?
do you know what they thing?
do you think that everybody in this world are stupid like you?
do you think you good? do you think you stupid?
nobody knows......

i'm not good? good..
i'm stupid? not

that is what we call when someone talk to much then other......
but the reality he stupid, you also stupid...if he smart, you also smart...
nobody stupid, nobody fool......

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