Sunday, July 18, 2010

Halong Bay

I only knew about that place after i watched Top Gear UK series special Vietnam, i think last two years, at that time i said "wow, that place very nice" then, at that time also, i'm dreaming to go there one day...

When my first time when to vietnam last year, i'm planning to halong bay too...but, don't have enough time, we only have 4 days on that trip, then going back to Malaysia.. so we have to cancel to go halong bay, at that time. So we going to HCM city, and then go to combodia, thailand, then come back to HCM.

so, the second trip i made it... we fly to hanoi directly from malaysia, and then going home by bus, boat, train, van, (we tried everything ) seriously when i arrived at halong city, from far we can see a lot of island at the sea, but then really disappointed, that place not really great as what i see on that series.

The disappointed a bit cured, when i had new experiences, Stayed 24 Hours in junk boat. you sleep inside the boat, met people from different country share some new stories and lot of topics we talked about.

That is my first time stay in boat, i still don't believe it that happen... when wake up at the morning, the boat position already different, already u-turn :) now i'm dreaming, if i have opportunities to follow any fisherman or pemancing, wanted to know and have experience life at sea as fisherman...hopefully

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