Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Top Gear Australia

Episode one launches 29 September 2008 and the next episode of TGA on 06 October 2008. This show same as UK Top Gear but it's look different because... host is different. And what i'm confused is The Stig. It is same Stig? if not why used the same name. Ignore it, and at the second episode they came out with proton car, that great because from that we can know what proton car problem, what is good what is bad and proton car can improve it to make proton product the best car as they can.

About Malaysia show, i mean Malaysia motoring show they always support and baking the car manufacture and not honest to telling people about car problem or 'kekurangan sesuatu kereta". Maybe because its about the sponsor.

Like Fifth Gear it quite good also, they try to tell the people How to buy used car, what should we check, what show we do first. They also have the scene that told the people how to save money with your car, like DIY. Meanwhile they also introduce the new car and test drive the car. compare car with other like all motor show do.

Hope next time Malaysia can have a show like it, some comedy,some serious and it's all useful to people. That mean Top Gear and Fifth Gear is best not for them but for all user. People can know car from this show, what car the best what car the worth and what car having problem. So people can alert that before buy a car.

In Japan, a lot of motoring show, its like Best motoring, hot version and more, but i don't understand japanese :) so what i can do is just watching and don't know noting :D

Yup no one perfect so, Top Gear and Fifth Gear also not really perfect, and Malaysia Don't give up. Tell the world what you can do. :D let world know.

some review from Top Gear Australia episode 2 (what you all see?)

and this one i forgot, where i got this picture maybe from terato.com(Sorry.. if i'm wrong)
this one is Satria Neo rallycar. Look from student and zero car eyes, its really hot and perfect car hope performance also perfect (look at the front disc brake this its quite big mean that just need a second to stop, seat, bodykit, suspension conform with right tune, rims with great tyre and roll cage look wow..awesome hope rally driver can used it to win and Proton you are the best) it's look more energy, more power and really brave ready to race.

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