Friday, October 10, 2008

Still about Top Gear Australia

After 30 minutes enjoy this show,(enjoy?) i'm very surprises after seen celebrity laps...wanna know why?because CAR..Satria neo? yes satria neo...:Dhaha...Top Gear Australia used Satria neo for their celebrity lab section(UK Top Gear used chevrolet before that they used suzuki).. but what is bad and not interesting about TGA is their circuit, simple, not good as the UK Top Gear. Camera position at circuit bad, TGA Stig really funny + look like new driver. Can't beat stig from UK Top Gear Look very brave.(or it's same stig?)

This is latest Show, then they should make this show more good than UK Top Gear but this TGA still have noting. Like they copy everything from UK Top Gear, from the host style to the show style...hope next episode they will be their self show. yes look like they have link with UK Top Gear but we need something different, different style, different from everything..and it should be more best than UK Top Gear.

What best this TGA, me as Malaysian of cause about proton car...they used proton car :D that why its send my mood to bestshow (yeap this cheap car, that why they used proton, but not only proton car is cheap?why they didn't used china car?maybe cause proton good and cheap)
maybe...true or not just think it your self... =)


  1. mayb because proton car(satria neo) is cheap yet cute, it is cute and look sporty, for me la, hehe

    p/s let's exchange link =) hehe

  2. haha cute also erk...yep cute and sporty,good for couple and not for someone have family.. :D

    huh how about rally car from proton?see my older post..

    okes ready for exchange link :D

  3. I haven't watched TGA (I'm too scared I'll be disappointed by what comes on!) even though I live here!!

  4. :) TGA still ok cause they used proton car (that mean Malaysia also on that show) :D