Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Ant Bully

This animated movie is for kids, this movie also telling us about of cause la about ant :D to know more about this movie just google it.

Okes, the main reason for this post, not for this movie but i just wanna share with you something that i didn't know before, and it about ants. This is my experiment shoot with my kits lense, not micro lense that why my picture become low quality =)...About ants, what u can see from 1st picture, i'm trying to tell you about this ant. The green liquid is sugar, then you can see after and before the ant eat this sugar, their butt(eh butt ka perut dia tuh) become green when eat this green sugar. I just notice this after transfer this picture to computer. I don't know about ants :D sorry if it make you all feel boring :Dhaha


  1. eee, yek, look at the abdomen, euuu ,lol but interesting, because i can saw the different b4 and after the ant drank the fluid, euu, hahaha

  2. haha..eee?yek? sound like you creepiest haha...oh abdomen not butt?:D i just call butt cause its look like butt:D thanks baitycariem for your comment :D enjoyed your creepiest hehe

  3. ntah nmpk mcm bersambung je abdomen n butt die,hahahah, comel je ant tp yek geli, hahaha, no problm =)

  4. hah, entalah just my guess it butt..:D never studies about ants :D
    butt bleh abdomen pun boleh la...sebab xtahu:D comel ke?haha yelah bukan slalu bunuh je ke semut2 tuh :D hah tapi kalau ambik gambar nie guna lense micro,lagi best... lagi geli nak tgk..siap nampak abis semua(semut nampak sharp and really2 huge)...yang xbestnya xdak micro lense lagi hehe :)

  5. hehhe, nnt ade bole la amik, pastu kaji la skali pasal semut kan, hahaha
    eee bunuh pakai ridsect je xde picit2 diee, eeeee hahahah

  6. kaji? huhu sungguh rajin diku...
    huh memang xkaji laa :D ambik tau sket boleh la...:D adakah anda sedang mempromote ridsect :Dkahkahkah