Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Still raya mood right? today just review what i had done with my camera from 1st day raya until 3rd. First day raya, my family pretty busy, so after around one hour waited them for family shoting, then i give up cause it's already late, our neighbour already came, so it's cancel.

Then i decide to take a shot after they all free, but also can't cause of my young brother already gone( dont know where he goes)...so no family picture on this raya, hope next raya. Ok, just wanna share some piture raya08.

First day raya

After long time didn't met them, my mum ask me to shot this pic

Like before, they always act like a model :D

And this one.. malam raya before 'balik kampung'

2nd raya

Day 3rd


  1. wah interesting,cool pictures, eid mubarak =)

    p/s my word verification is qkpjvevm

  2. ahah...tenqiuk :)thanks for coming:D

    and i don't need word verification now :)