Thursday, May 12, 2016

People for People's

People out there very smart.... they use other people money to pay thier owned expenses/but luxury things/spend here and there/buy properties........its happen but why we dont care? because we dont know how to do?what to do? and we dont care because for us is enough or we lazy to think.....

then why we still do same thing every day? which is no improvent or maybe 0.1% improvmnt

why we here strugle just for them?
do you think you strugle everthing just for you and your family?and its enough already????

do they expreciate you? what you did, the time u spend?
trust me!!
100% i can sure they dont care about you!!!

its time to be smart for you and family
Do something
and its time to spend 100% your time wih your lovelt family....
5years to plan..let see what will happen
i will try slow and steady.. im still study and study..i dint care about luxury life but now i care about my family..i want spend time same time help others... hope its work!!!

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