Thursday, January 28, 2016


ok, after long time i dont hv time to blogging... now try myself to keep this blog a life. i finally change phone haha so its easy for me to update.  its take me 2days to read back my previous post. lolz its funny haha..untill today i think my english 1% better since past haha.. but atlest bit improvement right...

ok last time im mumbling what i will be after im grad.. now im married and after 2yrs plus this is the only time we manage to stay together. yes before this im nomad and non stop travel, moving without know what tied is. Every week
KL-KDH-KL-PNG-KL-JB-KDH-SIN until end of 2015.
my second home are bus station and airport..i sleep and bath every where...
and since im gradute 2012, here are the place what they call it "Aicarft Engineering degree" work.

start with SKIM Latihan 1 Malaysia. not bad at all, i jointed SL1M with Malaysia Airport 2months plus there with 1month class that i think its change me a lot. thanks Malaysia Aiport even after that i went for interviews and fails. oh ya at that time also i struggle to lost weight to get perfect BMI one is for Leftenan Muda Maritim Physical test and the other one is for TopGlove as engineer MnE.

i manage to lost my weight, improve my stamina and i manage to pass and go for interview maritim.

At the same time i got call from Topglove and they interested to hired me.

If im not mistaken April2013 I'm engineer finally.. after total 7years study since after SPM. Worked at topglove so far not bad, it train you alot of things, mental and physical. story more about TG maybe later...At topglove, i got call from SPA to interview Maritim, i think its take almost 1year after physical test. and im fails..yes dispointed!! since that day i didnt watch or dont care about any army, uniform  or war related. at same time im anti government haha sorry.. but still, i talk to my heart, I must get this position..

After that  i got call from bousted Holding Berhad under Bousted Cooling Plant and i went for interview and i manage to get this job.

but after not even one 1yr i got better offer...and gudnite

if got time will continue (actually all this are from previous post)
want to becone drivel kapal laut xlepas, driver kapal terbang xlepas, insyaAllah driver lain nanti...keretapi pun bole

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