Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's All about my life

I have trained by my parent to accept all the problem, to think, to solve, to improve, to respect and lots more. Its hard to accept all that at that age but after day by day, year by years you realize all for your goods and for your own future. 

Knowledge is never end till today i keep learning, and i'm not expert at all things.
From Kampung boy with million knowledge given by my parent and previous school..
I love outdoor activities, and everyday I will not stay at home, goes to jungle, play Meriam tanah and few meriam name haha...fotball,badminton, cycling from kampung to kampung, fishing, mandi sungai and lots of kampung Games. At standard 4 i'm planning to build go-cart and till now not yet success =D, why? not enough knowledge. I can do anything after I saw how they make it.i learn from that. But not in, i'm slow. After UPSR, not good result so i have to further my studies at one of school at the midded of paddy's field. oh standard 4 i have few books together with one of my friend we share idea,write and draw like future things in that books, that time our imbition wanna become scienties.We always share our idea togrther and improve it. Standard 3 already ride bike, active at school such as nasyid, playing music instrument. I love Matematic, science lol i thought i will become teacher at that time hahaha....and i'm trying to drive. Always learn and watch my dad from that learn how to drive, what age i'm cant recall, my grand dad test me, what the founction of clutch, gear, steering and all instrument at car

OK form 1 to 3, till love mate, and i;m lucky been place at 1st class and all teacher always take care of us. thank you all teacher even we play alot. and i learn to play softball there, not much because every evening I'm travel somewhere to learn Electric and Electronic for 2 years, then.....

go for Mechatronic  for 3years. Here, i learn a lots about mechanical and electronic. All of this are very insteresting. What I learn?Robotic, micro P, PLC, Welding, Programming, Fluid dynamic,Thermodynamic, Electronic, Electrical motor, Kompang hahaha.....yes kompang... then?? 

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