Thursday, October 13, 2011


Lets talk about life, there are not easy to become a life?
am i right?
life will become so hard if you didn't used it,
what you have done for your life?
you had done try everything?

in my life, i need to do lot of things before i'm dead, but i done think i can make it all of this....

Travel around the world ( and i'm very sure, i can't make it) for me, you can travel every country, but travel around the world? you sure you can make it? your life have to stay at certain place 1day and above then the only thing you can do is, to know that place with plenty of time. like i'm here, already 3years here, but i still don't know all the place here... don't know here mean, i never go deep to this place.

To have own Villa
what different between villa and bungalow? you can find it by your self.

To have on aircraft
this also insane idea, but i wish i have this

To fly
fly with my on equipment in the sky, fill freedom

have an sky dive license
this is the best ever sport thing that i need to try it, i can;t do it now because so expensive

there a lot more more and more.......................and i don't want to tell you everything....
super bike, luxury cruise,exotic car hahaha....dream all of this like a child, then you will end up with what? never mind it's just for our target, our dream. can make it or not, i don't thing so :P but i want all of this...

We should thank to our god, that we have a food, can eat can drink, life in freedom...think about others that still don't have all of this.... dream you can have a dream, but to make it, you have make sure all people serounding you also can fulfill their dream to have better life.

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