Tuesday, October 5, 2010

LOVE Everyones, LOVE Every things

It's been long time i didn't update this blog, this semester I'm quite busy with lot of assignments, classes, projects and also presentation. For me, everything that relate with study is to improve my self. Sometimes, i realize that what will happen next's, I'm afraid about future, because we don't know yet what will happen. everything can happen.

Do you know? what that make me afraid about future? I'm afraid about Human altitude in other name every person in this world have their own altitude, did you think everyone will be like normal as what had happen now? i think no body will be like what him or her like right now. later they already don't know who are you, and if they saw you, they just act like didn't but they does actually. i had been experiences about this few time, and of cause from few friends. I don't know why it happen, maybe because of I'm stupid or maybe, I'm just null person. what do you fill if you at my situation? =) every thing's that happened to me, are expected and later more will come. It's like you watching movies =), then if that happen you will smile your self like stupid person. if not you will proud cause still got friends, and they also still know who's are you =)

so you know what, this happen when friendship just for things, be careful out there, most of your friends maybe just your temporary friends for a few day, weeks, years maybe...but not forever. It's hard to had real friends(forever) now.

Please, when time is coming, everyone's need help. So, at that time you will feel what you have done to your friends few years ago.

This is real world, i don't like it, and the real thing is I don't like to meet people, because they had their own agenda. and all of them with million of -ve and just few of them +ve thinking...all peoples in this world already been poisoned with this bad habits and bad thinking.

I still thinking, do i can feel the future? sharp the shape with million of idea, then do you know what will happen to you next? do you think what you need, you can get it? do you think what you had now, later you still have it?

LOVE Everyones, LOVE Every things

I'm just stupid and normal null person, still learn to write better english, if i do mistake in grammar, please help me to improve it.


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