Monday, July 5, 2010

Water Drooping send you closed to the dead

Start from semester break on 9 JUN 2010, that was my last paper for this semester. on 11 JUN 2010, All our classmate goes to Seremban for picnic with some of our lecturer, i forgot that place name, and really enjoyed it. Then back from Seremban at Evening, packing for our next destination is road to the mountain, around 6pm, heading to Tesco damansara near The Curve, find some food for our 5 days trip for 8 peoples. At that time really tired but my mind still interested to go that mountain. After my friends car almost full with all stuff and food, we continue our journey to Ipoh, Perak. i cant sat proper in car seriously the car was fully loaded by a lot of stuff. but i tried and wanted to slept in that car, because before that day, i'm not slept for 2 days. then after few hours we arrived at ipoh. then we have to prepare and divided our stuff, then slept for a 1-2 hours, at the early morning last packing and transfer bag to the car.

journey began, Our journey took 5days include last day at cameron highland

i'm Done!!!!

After 1 day at cameron highland, we took bus from cameron to ipoh, and from ipoh to Alor Setar.

around 12 -1 we arrived at Jitra, tomorrow morning is our classmate weeding, 19 JUN 2010 woke-up in early morning then goes to Kepala Batas, Jitra for his weeding, everything run as planning, we arrive on time before ankat after ankat nikah, we going back to Jitra for my friend's cousin weeding..wait till 12pm, after launch we goes back to our friends ceremony, after that heading to Perlis then, other my friends cousin weeding...then go to kuala perlis watched sunset. around 8 send my friend to bus station.

21 JUN 2010- Is my way back to KL

on 22nd Jun 2010, start other Journey to indochina and it just finish, we arrived at malaysia today 5 July 2010.

On that journey, a lots of things happen to us, we tried everything, meet a lot of friends from round the world, we saw lot of style, a lot of language slang and some really great memories, and some nightmare....

cant wait for our next trip...
my hope,
I'm still alive and strong from mental and fitness

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