Saturday, January 30, 2010

Do you know?

How many cylinders that used in piston aircraft?
how many cylinders that used in your car?
what the total rpm in you car? what do you think about piston aircraft rpm?

for the piston aircraft, some of the engine used 4 cylinders
so that my car can fly too?
your car also got 4 cylinders rite? some of them used 3 or 6 or more...
but that car can fly or not?
this car also got same cylinders and more cylinders then aircraft...
if we put engine car to the aircraft, do you think that aircraft can fly or not?

all the answers here, if i do some mistake, i'm sorry and just let me know...

Type of engine that used in aircraft( for piston engine) :
radial engine,
rotary engine,
in-line engine,
V type,

We cannot compare your engine car with aircraft engine. Sometimes yes but still different. There are a lot of different such as cooling system,(do you know what type of car used same cooling system with aircraft?

let do some simple calculation between 4 cylinder engine.

4cylinder aircraft engine = 2000rpm, with 5000cc
4cylinder car engine = 8 or 9000 rpm with 1500 or 1600cc

so we need around 3-4 engines car to fly the aircraft rite?
4x1500cc = 6000cc

it's 1000cc more than aircraft engine we used...
do you think that aircraft can fly?
if yes, we still got the problem.
what the problem?
also a lot, such as heating system,cooling system..

why aircarft rpm have smallers rpm than car? RPM stand for what? Revolution per minute.
so that mean aircraft rotation its slower than car? i also confused about this, but if from logic, the size of cylinder aircraft is bigger than car, that why one piston can produces more power than your 4 cylinder car, so because of size is bigger, the rotation is slower..logic2 let say, you trying to pull the metal plat size 1 (50KG) and size 2(10kg) with one you can pull it easier and faster? of cause the smaller and the lighter weight rite?
that all... enjoy the confusing =)

Happy Thaipusam