Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Open Book Times

uohhh....just got time to update this blog...erm, this week fully fill with midterm examination. Lazy to study, sleeping all the time, catching some free time for resting, tried to complete what had been given and of cause still in raya mood. VietCombthai trip picture still not touch yet. A lot of activities still stuck here...Swimming it's been 3month rest, cycling sometimes...and climbing?hahaha...not yet....still trying to gain my stamina, and waiting for my true hand coming kahkahakha...

Trying hard to improve my english, so far, i hope it's better than before. this week i'm gonna going home..yeappa2 hahaha...

oh ya..before that, for who's looking for bag can order direct to me...thanks :)
any further detail can visit this blog dtmOutdootAdventure.

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