Monday, September 7, 2009

Presentation + Crossover +lazy study = ugly Slide

This what happen when I'm in lazy 'mode'...seriously, we have crossover and presentation about one topic this week....ermmm actually this Tuesday...and i didn't study yet about this topic......The most worst thing is, everyday, every planning is to study this topic...haha but it never happen yet,till now...i'm try to study...haha I am the worst person. fyi, i must understand this topic, why? cause i have to explain about my topic to other friends p during crossover, after that we have a quiz about our topic. mean that, i must make sure they all understand what my topic is...then the result of the every topic quiz will be submit to our lecturer. they problem is just me...cause i'm the very lazy person...always wasting my time with million of dreaming...hahaha...
here some of planning study i do for our slide...and for sure, this will reject strongly hahahha....its mean noting actually :P


  1. background tuh cun lah.

    jgn mls2 lah dakbek ouh.

  2. alibro
    lawa? buruk daa....

    xcun daa....oyeh, rajin2 dimulut aja :)