Saturday, September 12, 2009

Old Proton SAGA at Fifth Gear

After been long time didn't have much time to knew about this updating fifth gear, today just have opportunities to spend time on it... but still with the first episode. ok what i founded in first episode is one of the section is about the old proton saga, erm... seriously lot of different between Spec and design that proton sell to malaysian at malaysia... and what i founded from this video is.. dashboard looked like fiore dashboard, manual sunroof, plat lamp, and i think there a lot more... I'm not surprised cause already knew about it before.. proton export car is much better then they selling here...


  1. teringat aku buat drift ky 1232 sehingga terjunam ke longkan sebelah TNB pada first taraweh dulu2..

  2. hahaha..lupa warna sama dulu.....hehehe

  3. manual sunroof? mcm auto ja aku tgk..dashboard fiore ka mirage? tah la aku pun dah lupa semua..okes tata..aku nak shiver