Saturday, February 14, 2009

PD + Pijik x Study = Banana Boat

when, some of my friends talking about PD aka pegawai daerah haha..then, other person call for PD aka Port D about pijik?next week we have a quiz...and what i know about pijik is zero hehe yup '0', yes 1-1='0' brain working, walking, running and thinking like a gasing...don't know what need to do(pijik+pd+stuy..pijik-pd-study)...

day 1 of the weeken,
sleep and sleep...pc and sleep..

day 2...
coQ...Burn( like capacitor 'explode' when the capacitor got over voltage from source )
at the evening after solat zohor they all decide to have a happy day at PD
after brain thinking over speed 900Tm/s with hight 90,000 degree around the orbit plus minus the strength from the metal then...
yeap..yeap.. ( sound like what avatar said) hahaha
let hip2 hurey :)

continue tomorrow...

today is -->day 3

from last night...
until now ..
I'm trying to transfer pic at PD from camera
card reader can't read hoho..sngguh terpaksa ku bersabar
card reader nie masalah nieh...

head and brain try to dance together like hearing rock music
then ears try to heard what sound it like
the eyes try to stop spinning sround the globe
mouth stop from talking
hand try to stop doing something
both leg try to jump from the height to the high
they all think I'm crazy

today I MUST Study Pijik
walaupun sket :) hehe

what heapen at the PD

beach boy used their boat to pull the 'float banana' :) and at the same time 5 person on that banana
they try to have some fun with that thing, from front...they are Mz, Wer,Aswad, lola and reza...hehe
boat speed is around 130knot( ye ka 130knot??) and one other person on that boat with the beach boy is Shah and S4 at the hand to capture the moment...
two times we fall..will upload some pic later :)

oledi update :)

all this are merapumerapat...sorry if it look stupid..and sorry for my english :) I'm tried to improve my English :) thanks


  1. when I saw ur page, many words can I say (just thru in my mind).. ;p

    1st : oh, simplenye blog ni..
    2nd : OMG! nice shot of pics.. really2 nice! :D
    3rd : what kind of dslr did u use?
    4th : where did u find my blog eyh? :)
    5th : u're trying well in ur english! keep it up ye!


  2. you used my intro ya :) hehe

    thanks Dzuly,for visited back and comment here...really appreciate it

    actually, this year i used only compact camera coz of i didn't bring my dslr here yet..

    where i find your blog? i'm always ronda2 blog :) from blog to blog i browse blog :) so.. i found everything, i find everybody :)

  3. dakbaik..
    (baik eyh?i think i'm better baik than u..haha)

    eyh, i link ur blog.. ;D
    ape lagi.. heee ;p

  4. ello dak baek.
    best gilak g PD.
    tanam2 org dlm pasir.
    wat istana pasir(haha. dakbaik xwat istana pasir dah en.?? hee)
    lagilagi nek banana boat!
    time jatoh dlm air tuh..
    mmg best en!:)

    epi n smile alwayz bro

  5. wah hebat! ur english is getting better! keep up okay! =)

  6. pd=penat+makan tebuan+pizik x stadi.

  7. dzuly.izyan
    haha...nope xbaik puji dirisendirik :) hehe
    wokes siap boss :)

    haha..yap mesti best:)
    wokeh iffa dak kecik :P

    haip..thanks better but not the best yet :)

    haha dan pospone :) ding dong