Thursday, December 11, 2008


it very easy to say
but it really true sorry?
True sorry
its Hard to say...
its like a diamond
its very meaningful

how to express sorry?
its to many way to express it
every person have their own style
their own way..
every way or style have their own 'level'
their own unique
how to express it?
i think you already know the answer
The answered is your heart
your own heart
your own felling
about your sorry...

Sorry will resulted you a thousand meaning
about felling
about life
about love
about somebody
about everything
and its all about
positive meaning
Happy Ending =)
Happy and happiness

Every person wanted happiness in their life
some time happy sometimes sad..
its called world
world that we stayed,we learn from the past
we studies
for our great future

Way of life
Every person have their own way, their own direction, we can control itself, but not for others
some time, we should but it not happen until 'love'
every person have different idea, different interest,different color, different love...
every person have their own love..their own history, their own walk,
We all in connected

maaf englishku
countdown till
This blog die
around 3 weeks left


  1. nice post. ermm knp lg 3 minggu blog ni 'mati'? ermmm

  2. mati sementara tapi bukan selamanya :)
    thanks baity

  3. dakbaik nak g mencari ilmu plak..:)
    bukan luar negara tapi dlam malaysia aja kawasan hutan sket hehe..doakan kejayaan dakbaik jugak yak...:)tq

  4. nak g bertape ke..atau membawa hati??hehehe...lame ke??

  5. ha'ah bertapa
    mesti bawa hati...:)
    4,5 taun gak kot...xpasti kena tok guru tuh bagi pelepasan..
    nanti lau ada internetnya ku online aja...tu pun lau ku ada laptop :D