Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just afalse stories

This picture i donno who but cara dia menungguh sungguh menarik..yerlah degan pegang payung biru pastu baju dia mcm kaler puteh ada biru2 sket nampak menarik.. walupun xnampak muka :)tambah2 kawasan tuh memang cantek... =) hehe sorry tuan punya diri at that time mesti dia cakap budak2 kampung mana lak nieh dok tembak2 ambil gambar...haha betulah tu i'm da kampung boy ;)

It's All About Love
Dulu aku penah dicintai
aku jugak pernah mencintai
now i'm trying hard to forget about what happen
what had happen before
i'm trying..trying to be what i wanna be, try to smile..
try to be happy
sometime i cant covered my faced
cant covered my failed
because it real
it really true.
its really happened
every time miss her
every time
im thinking about her
every time i dreaming her
it happen in reality world
but it just a dream
a dream that happen when some one really miss
thinking a lot about what happen
thinking about somebodies
everything that related with her
will make me thinking about her
i'm tried harder and harder
tried to forget about what she had done to me
what she doing to me
and tried to equal the result
its noting?
its just a love
didn't mean a seen
if it just for a l.o.v.e
just for a Words

Its always happen at the youth person. So don't to much in love cause you still have long time and a long journey for the future. so at this time.. tried to love your self tried to be your self don't just followed the world without thinking the future. it like a game that you can't restart.

if you wanna love someone

you should love yourself first!
if you wanna know someone
you should know yourself first!

how love can become true?
after you have been married
how our belove can really2 loving you?
after she or he already be a part of your family
Every person need and dream to live and life with harmony, safely and joy

all of this just merapumerapat if i'm make mistake plz tell me, and i will know my false thanks =)
Englishku hancur hehe :P


  1. ahha. yep! stuju bangat yg pict tuh menrik!

    adess.. cinta dtg bile cinta ade!

    nite fren

  2. haha tapi pic tu xdapat mengabarkan 1000% keadaan sebenar..tapi i still like it too :)

    haha cinta boleh datang dan pergi erk :P lalala

    okes fren nite =) thanks for the comment :)

  3. huh..dh bley jd pakar chintun ni..hehehe,,bley tkq propesyen..hahaha