Sunday, November 23, 2008


Boring day.. every time I'm dreaming.. dream my future...
why all this happen?why...
dreaming again
where am I, what should I do, what I can do, what I had done..
thinking again,what i had done before,..yes lot of...,I'm not a good person, I'm very2 bad guy....i'm stupid person..everything zero!!study?just for pass exam, reading? very2 lazy....that time Im still In World of dreaming , world of happiness ...i'm happy at that time?not it's noting and what i got?yes its also noting. I should wakeup to wakeup?how?to far im walking.. far i'm going without the main planning..
time is running...but i'm static! still at the same place same level..that also noting.
what i;m looking?what i need?what i wanna be?
what all this?i donno..
Dunia ini Adil
Now I know why all this Happened =)

Then what should i do? I donno...thinking with mode blur
p/s: yes English aku rosak! gambar xda apa2 maksud dgn petikan diatas...picture taken around 07/08 taken with a Nikon S4. that all location hometown


  1. sabar okay, things happened for a reasons,jgn rush2 pkir slow2 ape hala tuju hidup kite ni, even my future still x clear lg, but slow2 plan, insyallah jd, berdoa+berusaha+ikhtiar+redha =)

  2. heyya bro..

    nothing is perfect oke.
    papepon w'pon mengedit n snap pict itu sbg hobi..great oke!!

    epi n smile alwayz;)

    p/s;w'pon mcm xdek kne mengena jek pict n ur dua2 ada meaning;)