Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Boring times

Erm... Course of i don't know what to do, everyday just stay at home and every time facing monitor. So..used this time to review back my pictures, had taken before and..make some funny, some boring editing, some simple editing...just play2 with picture...enjoy it

Lets Fly but... Without Wing = )

Last night Shah had teach me about how to shot picture that the main subject is the eyes, and the eyes look shinning. He also will teach me how to edit like, shining eyes =) so now i will try to find location for shotting this project, and will have some class with them =) maybe after he really free, he also pretty busy.

Now shah some intro for me, please commented as SIFU =), this morning..i'm tried to making shinning eyes with my old picture collection , that is Amelina. (btw aku rasa memang jadi benda lain tambah celak ja nieh hehe, sebab dari segi cara aku ambik gambaq dah salah, bukan untuk shinning eyes, dan cara untuk shinning eyes aku masih lagi kena belajaq dari Shah). And Sifu Shah please comment about this picture :) visitor also can comment :) thanks..

To shah :
-double layer (second layer just for eyes)
-adjust curve
-adjust contrast and benda apa tah org pangey satu lagi :D hehe
- filter


This one just editing for fun :D he my cousin


  1. nice shot..nice edit!!
    kalau xde dslr, leh capture cantik cenggitu gak x??

    kasihan kazen yg ko da kambing hitamkn..

  2. thanks @tune®
    kamera biasa pun tetap hasilnya cantik, sebelum nie sy guna compact jugak, dan skarang pun kadang2 masih guna...sebenarnya sy pun baru lagi dalam dunia DSLR nieh, banyak lagi nak kena belajar..:)

    Dan post fullmoon yang sebelum nie tu sy ambil guna kamera compact bukan dslr

    huhu.. mana ada dikambing hitamkan

  3. cantek laaa..
    see what an editing can do to a pic..
    *mate bulat2*

  4. thank you *secret,

    what 'secret' nya :P
    editing can do everything..:)

  5. wah nnt bole bg pic tolong ngedit bole? hehhe

  6. smart nyer edit..
    credit 2 ur sifu+u..
    ehem2 leh me jd anak murid sifu mu gak??=))

  7. baitycariem : huhu...jagan2, nanti gambar kamuk jadi gambar org lain lak budak masih belajar :)

    p/s to baity,your assignments..kelmarin kan 5nov.. :D

    cik melor: eh editting biasa2 ja...byk lagi kena blajar :D yeap kredit to him :)
    ehem2...sifu 2 garang gilak oo haha

  8. nice edit lahh!!
    best oh edit pict neyh dakbaek!

    p/s;baek ehh?

  9. thanks sniffa93

    ah?baek..hehe not at all kot :)

  10. noting la just remind you to update your blog, kan dah antar assignments :)